Saturday, 23 June 2018

My Caffeine Habit

My head, it was a thumpin’
My tummy, it felt queasy
Trying to get through the day
Really wasn’t easy. 

Popped a few pain-killers
Drank water by the pail
But still I felt quite rotten
It was all to no avail. 😧

I know what you’re thinking..
Hung over, I was not!!!
(I may have drunk a little
But really, not a lot). 

Made myself a coffee
Soon, the headache stopped
I felt sooo much better
Aha!  The penny dropped.

I have lattes all the time
(I have my own machine)
Now I’ve had too many… 
I’m dependent on caffeine!

must cut back on coffee
It’s no good for my head
I know just the answer - 
I’ll stick to wine instead!

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