Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day and Chill?

It’s Boxing Day in Melbourne
I awoke still full, and tired
I really should relax, and chill
But instead I’m feeling wired.

Half the house is at the cricket
The other half, still asleep
I think about what chores to do
Busy, I like to keep.

I could spend the day at home
No need for the grocery store
We’ve surely enough leftovers
To last a week, or more.

Shopping centres I'll avoid
All those Boxing Day promotions...
They can keep their discounts
All the crowds, and the commotion.  🙅

The house already had a clean
Everything’s been put away
Perhaps I should put up my feet
And enjoy this sunny day.

A comfy chair outside sounds nice
And a nap would suit me fine
But, if I’m still not relaxed...
There's always the leftover wine  🍾

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