Tuesday, 18 September 2018

This Blog is on the Move

Hi everyone.

Exciting times ahead - I am creating a website and moving this blog across. Once it's all up & running, you can find me at kathyszaters.com.

See you there 😀

Monday, 3 September 2018

A Job at Macca's (McDonald's)

Had a part-time job at Macca’s
Back when I was at uni
The pay was barely crackers
(No, really, it was puny!)

We couldn’t just loaf about
Chilling and having fun
We always got reminded
There was cleaning to be done. 

“If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean.”

Being polite to customers
Was sometimes a real drain
Having to suggestive sell?
Oh boy, that was a pain!

“Would you like fries with that?”

But.. I did receive good training
In customer service, with a smile
Looking back, my 3 years there
Were certainly worthwhile. 

My pay sure came in handy
For shopping (and going out)
And there were some fun times
That we could laugh about. 

Perhaps I could go back there
Earn a little cash, but then…
There's no way I would ever
Wear that uniform again!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Vikings Exhibition (edited)

Went to a Vikings exhibition
Full of interesting facts
There many relics
Think beads, sword and axe.

Alas, among all the sights
No Ragnar did I see  😞
(Nor any sign of Lagertha
That’s who I’d like to be!) 

Source: imdb.com

And, despite my high hopes,
Eric Northman wasn’t there
You know, the Viking vampire
With fangs and blond hair…

Sadly, my favourite Vikings
Were nowhere to be seen
I know I’ll never meet them
But a girl can always dream…

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Red Shoes

Went to Uluru on a family trip
And escaped the winter blues
Returned with many happy snaps
And a pair of new-look shoes.

Red’s not my usual colour
I never choose it in the store
But this red is oh-so-natural
Courtesy of the great outdoors.

These are now my favourite shoes
The red look completely rocks
But, somehow, I’m not a fan
Of the matching socks…

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

"Junk" Food

Decided not to cook tonight
Really couldn’t be stuffed
Washing, peeling, chopping?
I’ve done all those enough!

So I sat upon the couch
And ordered food online
Didn’t have to move an inch
That suited me just fine!

The delivery soon arrived
We hungry folk were glad
But soon disappointed…
The food was just so bad.

Covered in lashings of salt
Luke-warm and very greasy
Sure, it was convenient
But it made us all feel queasy!  🤢

We knew we had to eat it
We had no choice, you see
Never mind, we washed it down
With a pint of beer (or three)!   🍺

Saturday, 23 June 2018

My Caffeine Habit

My head, it was a thumpin’
My tummy, it felt queasy
Trying to get through the day
Really wasn’t easy. 

Popped a few pain-killers
Drank water by the pail
But still I felt quite rotten
It was all to no avail. 😧

I know what you’re thinking..
Hung over, I was not!!!
(I may have drunk a little
But really, not a lot). 

Made myself a coffee
Soon, the headache stopped
I felt sooo much better
Aha!  The penny dropped.

I have lattes all the time
(I have my own machine)
Now I’ve had too many… 
I’m dependent on caffeine!

must cut back on coffee
It’s no good for my head
I know just the answer - 
I’ll stick to wine instead!

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


So fudgy, rich, and gooey
Best when they’re still warm
Oh that smell! Oh that taste!
It’s like a perfect storm. 

Really easy to prepare 
And so quick to cook
Nutritional information?
It’s best not to look!

big hit in my house
They cannot be beaten
Not a single brownie
Is ever left uneaten!

Procrastibaking has benefits!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Oh, Procrastination....

I procrastinate too much 
It is quite sad, but true
When I should be writing
I find other things to do…. 

It may be loads of washing
Or giving clothes a press
It may be "retail therapy"
To look for a new dress.

Often, it’s planning meals
Or food shopping every day
(I’m good at procrasti-baking
We get lots of treats that way!)

I’ll find myself cleaning house
To banish dust and grime
I get hooked on social media
Oh, the time I waste online!

Often, I’ll spend hours
Sorting books and clothes
De-cluttering (yet again)
The time? Well it just goes…

Sometimes, I do knuckle down
Hoping to feel inspired…
But the words refuse to come
‘Cos by then, I’m far too tired!

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Packing Light?

We were packing for a trip
And needed to save space
My hubby and I decided
That we would share a case…

I’m not known for packing light
I do pack lots of stuff!
But, I like to be prepared…
Too much is never “enough”.

So, my hubby had a question
After he surveyed our case
“Is that all you’re taking?!” 
With a shocked look on his face 😮

I had a quiet chuckle then
But didn’t tell him why…
You see, I left all that space
For the “stuff” I planned to buy 😉

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Daylight Savings, I Miss You!

Honestly, I was really sad
Left quite broken hearted
Why? Daylight Savings ended
Just as my holiday started…

On the “wish list” for my break
Was to sleep in every morn
Instead, I’m wide awake by six
And spend all day with a yawn!   😴

Let’s not forget the evening
Again, it’s not that great…
When it’s only half past four
It feels like half past eight!

There is one consolation…
One less reason to be surly
We can start “after dark drinks”
With gusto, an hour early.   🍺

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Car Pride (or not)

My Dad was fond of cars
He treated them with care
Always kept them spick and span
With few signs of wear.

He’d wash, dry, and polish
Till the outside gleamed
Interiors were spotless
Barely used, it seemed.

He’d do basic maintenance
Think oil, and wiper blades
Water bottles were kept full
Car pride, he had in spades.

He'd never let a fuel tank
Drop down below a quarter
Oh, I wish those car-care genes
Had passed on to his daughter…

I should pay so much more
Attention to my car
Dad would surely wonder 
How I let it get this far.

The outside? It has layers
Of grime, dirt, and dust
I will wash it one day soon
Oh, yes, I really must.

The mirrors, they have cobwebs  🕷
My tyres are almost bald
The inside? Well, it's full of junk
Dad would be appalled!

This weekend, I’ll clean my car
The weather will be great...  🤔
Doing chores on sunny days??
I think the car can wait!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

A New Poem

Just finished a new poem
 On my blog, it shall not be
 I’m saving it (and others)
 For my future book, you see.  📖

well, that's the plan, anyway...

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Wrinkles - or Holidays?

Lunched with friends one Sunday
Many things we did discuss
Work, plans, family life..
Age catching up with us.

We’re all approaching fifty
(I must say, we’re mildly shocked)
We don’t want life to pass us by
We want to say life “rocked”.

We spoke of bands we want to see
Of trips that will be great
Wanting to enjoy weekends -
We agreed housework can wait!

A sunny Saturday at the beach 🏖

Life’s far too short to worry
About hair that’s turning grey
And when it comes to “fine lines”
We might get to them, one day.

Fight the visible signs of ageing?
We’d rather save our dough 💰
There are so many places to be
And things to do, you know.

One friend nicely summed it up
“Wrinkles - or holidays?”
Given any chance, I’ll pack my bag
And head off – lead the way!

This Blog is on the Move

Hi everyone. Exciting times ahead - I am creating a website and moving this blog across. Once it's all up & running, you can find ...