Thursday, 11 January 2018

Our Puppy: The Stylist

I look at the trail of destruction
Our little puppy has wrought
And try to think instead
Of all the joy she has brought.

While everything is fair game
To destroy, shred…and chew
I try to see the positive side
And take a different view.

I like to think she’s talented
For art, she has a passion
Just look at this “fringed kennel"
She's nailed the retro fashion!

Cushions, I piled without a care
Like styling never mattered
But puppy sure took care of that
Now, the look is “scattered”.

Then there was the old couch
A bit dated, in anyone’s book
Puppy soon rose to the task
And gave it a fresh, new look.

You should see her latest piece
It’s by far the best one yet
I call it “Plant Pot - Deconstructed
Just how clever can she get?!

I love all of her “creations”
They’re stunning, to be sure
Although, if I’m to be honest…
I really don’t need any more!

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